Facilitate individual service planning and delivery  

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This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to contribute to the development, implementation and review of individualised support.
This unit applies to workers in a range of community services and service delivery contexts. Work will involve collaborating with the person requiring support and other people involved in the support network. Service needs may be complex or multiple.
The skills in this unit must be applied in accordance with Commonwealth and State/Territory legislation, Australian/New Zealand standards and industry codes of practice.

This Unit includes the following Elements:
  1. Establish and maintain relationships
  2. Prepare for planning
  3. Plan service delivery
  4. Review service delivery implementation
  5. Complete reporting requirements

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Target Audience:

This course is suitable for learners who prefer to cover both theory and practical components in-class with a trainer. This course can be delivered as a part-time program to meet the needs of regional, rural learners.

Learning Outcomes:

Learning Methods:

Training sessions involves:
  1. Discuss overall training topic.
  2. Content delivery – PowerPoints / Handouts / Movie files / other reference materials
  3. Question time
  4. Conduct group activity/activities.
  5. Conduct assessment tasks as appropriate.
  6. Discussion time
  7. Review learning objectives
  8. Administer feedback form.

Unit completion within 6 weeks of commencing Unit

Program Benefits:


  • 1. Establish and maintain relationships
  • 1.1 Conduct interpersonal exchanges in a manner that develops and maintains trust and goodwill
  • 1.2 Maintain confidentiality and privacy of the person within organisation policy and protocols
  • 1.3 Recognise and respect diverse and multi-faceted needs of the individual and collaborate with other service providers as needed
  • 1.4 Provide clear and current information about service delivery and support the interests, rights and decision-making of the person in all dealings
  • 2. Prepare for planning
  • 2.1 Determine the physical and psychological factors relevant to the person’s life stage that will influence service delivery
  • 2.2 Explain the purpose of the planning process and discuss different service options with the person
  • 2.3 Work with the person to determine readiness for the development of an individualised plan and select most appropriate service option
  • 2.4 Determine who needs to be included in the planning process and organise practicalities
  • 2.5 Collate and prepare information and distribute to relevant stakeholders as required
  • 2.6 Liaise with the assessor of the person’s requirements prior to the planning session as required
  • 3. Plan service delivery
  • 3.1 Respect the person’s perspective, foster their strengths and capacities and promote their participation
  • 3.2 Follow process requirements of service planning tools
  • 3.3 Identify and confirm key aspects of individualised service delivery by working collaboratively with the person and other stakeholders to establish goals
  • 3.4 Consider interrelated needs of the person and plan an integrated approach to service delivery
  • 3.5 Conduct risk assessment specific to the person’s circumstances, discuss with person and work collaboratively to minimise risk
  • 3.6 Manage any conflict or differences with regard for the person’s perspective
  • 4. Review service delivery implementation
  • 4.1 Consult with relevant people to assess the quality of, and satisfaction with, service
  • 4.2 Address and report any problems with the quality of, or satisfaction with, service delivery within organisation procedures
  • 4.3 Work with the person and relevant others to identify and respond to the need for adjustments to individualised plans
  • 4.4 Support the person’s self-determination in making adjustments to plans
  • 4.5 Identify areas for improvement to overall service delivery implementation of organisation
  • 5. Complete reporting requirements
  • 5.1 Clearly record planning activities and decisions made
  • 5.2 Prepare reports and other documentation according to organisation requirements
  • 5.3 Maintain currency of documentation by making appropriate updates
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